The views expressed by the author on this website are his, and his alone. They do not represent the opinions of his employer.


The author may receive payment for his time. Testing a product or service, writing a review, and responding to feedback all consume time and energy. Payment may be in the form of money, gear, beer, or any combination of various incentives. If the author has received any type of compensation for a blog post, it will be clearly identified in the post.

The author does not receive payment for his opinion. He will only agree to review a product or offering based on the understanding that the resulting post will be at his discretion alone. The author may make a review available to the sponsor before posting to this blog to allow the sponsor to respond to any constructive criticism offered.


The author is not responsible for the posting of comments and feedback by others. It is the goal of this blog to create conversation around networking topics. It is the responsibility of anyone participating in the conversation to monitor the language, legality, and job loss potential of their statements. Comment spam, obscene, and inflammatory language may be removed or edited at the sole discretion of the author.


The author does not normally refer to himself as “the author”, but the author understands the need for a blog disclaimer to be clear and concise. The author hopes that the reader does not assume that the author thinks he is the only author, the best author, or even a great author, but simply an author, that happens to be “the author” of this blog. The author thanks you for taking the time to read this disclaimer.

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