About Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis (JD) is a Network Engineer with over 19 years in the Information Technology industry. His specialization in Wi-Fi allows him to bridge his networking career with his love for physics and math.

He is a blogger, a Tech Field Day Delegate, and has been a guest in many industry podcast.

Jonathan likes to talk; speaking at technical and business conferences in front of his peers since 2005.

He also likes to listen. Jonathan regularly works mixing live audio on location at FOH or editing and producing audio and video in his home studio.

When he has time to get away from a computer, he loves to travel, spend time in the wilderness or on the water, and is always looking for a new restaurant, brewery, winery, or distillery to experience.

Jonathan can be found here:

twitter: @subnetwork

Instagram: @ttlandback

Via Skype with username: Slashthirty

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