About Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis (JD) is a Network Engineer with over 17 years in the Information Technology industry. During that time, he worked in a variety of specializations including: helpdesk, web development, .Net development, SQL administration, systems administration, and finally network engineering. His broad experience makes him ideally suited for troubleshooting, allowing him to see the whole picture. His first greatest love is networking.

Beyond IT, Jonathan regularly works engineering live and recorded audio, video, and lighting. He first began working in audio and lighting at the age of 14, and now has over 21 years in the industry.  Since the beginning, his experience has led him to work with multiple national recording artist, and to assist with a many major shows and productions.

Jonathan can be found on twitter: @subnetwork
He can be contacted via phone: 336-269-1650
Or, via Skype with username: Slashthirty


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